Our Classes

Beginner I

Step into the footstep of a professional runway model and come learn the basics of walking on a runway. In this introductory class, you will learn all the tips and tricks of how to behave on a runway. From posture to facial expressions our experienced instructors will teach you the ins and outs of a runway. You will also learn what to carry in a model bag. The class will end with a simple practice fashion show.

Beginner II

After reviewing all the basics, we will give you all the tips and secrets of how to handle a gig in the fashion industry. This class will emphasize practice and you will spend most of the time learning and walking a choreographed runway. At the end of this class, you will have the confidence and skill to walk a simple runway with music, heels, and know all the terminology of the professional scene.

To attend this class you MUST pass the beginner I class.

Advanced I

Now you know all the basics, we can have fun. You are going to learn more complicated runway choreography.  After reviewing the information seen in the beginner’s classes, our teacher will demonstrate the art of posing and give you insights on how to work the clothing at the end of the runway. You will be practicing with the famous T-shape runway. The emphasis will be put on the tempo of the music, multiple people on the runway and coordination.

Advanced II

For the final class of our program, we will review everything you need to know to be a pro model. We will touch on legal documents and contracts for your first gig in the fashion industry. Our experienced teachers will give you their secret of relaxation, breathing and meditation before entering the light. You will also learn techniques of recovery in case of an accident during the show. To graduate, we will organize a mini-fashion show in the complicated X-shape runway.

In the end of the class you will be given our certificate of completion. A new standard in the Utah fashion scene.

To attend this class you MUST pass the Advanced I class.